The Youth Advisory Centre and Contraception: Perception of Female Medical Undergraduates in Ebonyi State, South East Nigeria

  • UM Agwu
  • OUJ Umeora
  • JN Eze
  • G Umahi
  • JA obuna
Keywords: Youth Friendly Centre, Source, Contraception, Undergraduate


Background: Contraception prevents unwanted pregnancy. However, there remains an unmet contraceptive need and one of the contributory factors has been poor utilization resulting from lack of privacy, especially for the youths, at institutions offering family planning or contraceptive services.
Youth friendly centres are established to ameliorate this. However, the extent to which the youths are aware of the existence of these centres and their services remains in doubt.
Aim and Objective: This study seeks to evaluate the sources of contraceptives amongst Female medical undergraduates and their awareness of the Youth Friendly Centres.
Materials and Methods: A cross sectional survey of female medical undergraduates of Ebonyi State University was done in November 2007 using self-administered questionnaires and focus group discussion was carried out. Information obtained was analyzed using Epi-info 2005 version 3.3.2. Statistical package
Result: Two hundred medical students at 100-600 levels participated in the study but 170 were analyzed. The respondents were aged 19 to 34 years, with a mean of 25.6 (+ 8) years. The modal age range was the
20 to 24 year age group (42.4%). Sixty-six or 38.8% were sexually active of whom 60 or 90.9% used contraception. Thirty-six or 60.0% of the subjects who used contraception were introduced to it by their friends or peers. The condom (58 or 96.7%) and the pills (20.0%) were the commonly ever used methods. Students sourced contraceptives from pharmacy shops 83.3% (50) and private clinics 53.3%(32) among others. Only 14.1% (24) of the respondents were aware of the existence of the Youth Advisory Centre at Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki but none had ever utilized its services
Conclusion: the Youth Friendly Centre is not being utilized by the youths for contraceptive services. There is need for mass campaign amongst the youth on the existence of this centre and the services it offers.

Key Words: Youth Friendly Centre, Source, Contraception, Undergraduate


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