Relationship Between Oxidative Stress and Preeclampsia in Nigerian Women

  • KS Adedapo
  • O Olayemi
  • AA Odukogbe
  • CO Aimakhu
  • AO Kehinde
  • BL Salako
Keywords: Preeclampsia, oxidative stress, total antioxidant status


Introduction: Oxidative stress contributes to the pathogenesis of many disease states including preeclampsia. However the degree of change and the precise timing of the tilt from balanced to oxidative stress is not well document in preeclamptic toxaemia of pregnancy in Nigerian women. This
underlined the basis of this study
Material and Method: 580 nulliparous attendees who consented to the study were enrolled from July 2006 to February 2009. A structured questionnaire was utilized for one aspect of the study while 5ml of
whole blood sample was obtained at booking and from 29, 25, 21and 25 pregnant women who developed preeclampsia, pregnant women without hypertension, women sampled at post natal visit and non pregnant women of similar age respectively, for determination of total antioxidant status.
Results: The incidence of hypertension in the study was 19% while the incidence of preeclampsia was 5%. The study showed progressive consumption total oxidative capacity with progression in pregnancy
as evidenced by significant decrease in the mean TAS of the women that delivered with preeclampsia (35% decrease) and without hypertension(19% decrease) compared to TAS level at booking p=0.000, 0.035 respectively.
Conclusion: Our study has buttressed the growing body of evidence supporting increased oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia.

Key Words: Preeclampsia, oxidative stress, total antioxidant status

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