Influence of Atorvastatin/Probucol Combination on Blood Lipid and Serum C-Reactive Protein Levels in Patients with Cerebral Infarction

  • Tianshu Wang
  • Chun Li,
  • Wenjing Deng
  • Ruina Niu
  • Ran Du
  • Junfang Teng
Keywords: Probucol, Atorvastatin, C-reactive protein, Cerebral infarction, Carotid plaque, Blood lipid


Purpose: To explore effects of atorvastatin in combination with probucol on blood lipid and serum Creactive protein of patients with cerebral infarction.

Methods: In total, 120 patients with confirmed cerebral infarction were randomly divided into test and control groups (n = 60 each). Control group was given atorvastatin 20 mg, once every night, while test group received 0.5 g probucol twice daily plus atorvastatin 20 mg nightly. The treatment for both groups lasted for six months. Changes in carotid intima media thickness (CIMT), plaque area, vulnerability, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein level (hs-CRP) and low density lipoprotein (LDL) were observed before and after treatment and compared between groups. In 6-month follow up, incidence of newly occurred or reoccurred cerebral ischemic stroke were observed and compared between groups. Occurrence of severe untoward reaction was also noted.

Results: In test group, LDL level significantly decreased after treatment, (p < 0.01), and when compared to control group (p < 0.05). CIMT, plaque area and number of vulnerable plaque after treatment were significantly different compared to the values prior to treatment and control group (p < 0.05). Incidence of cerebral ischemic stroke was similarly lower for the test group than control after treatment (p < 0.05). Both groups did not develop any severe untoward reaction.

Conclusion: Atorvastatin, in combination with probucol, can be used to regulate blood lipid, lower LDL level, reduce number of vulnerable plaque, stabilize and reverse plaque, and lower risk of cerebral ischemic stroke of carotid atherosclerostic plaque. This work provides a theoretical basis and intervention measure for preventing ischemic stroke.

Keywords: Probucol, Atorvastatin, C-reactive protein, Cerebral infarction, Carotid plaque, Blood lipid


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eISSN: 1596-9827
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