Application and Curative Effect of Micro-implant Anchorage in Orthodontics

  • Ronghe Zhang
  • Xueyan Bai
  • Weiwei Zhang
  • Xiaotong Song
  • Chunyan Wang
  • Xinxin Gao
  • Xubiao Tian
  • Fengzhen Liu
Keywords: Micro-implant anchorage, Orthodontics, Facebow anchorage, Oral medicine, Clinical efficacy


Purpose: To explore and analyze the curative effects of micro - implant anchorages in orthodontics.

Methods: A retrospective analysis of 65 patients undergoing orthodontic treatment in Department of Stomatology, Binzhou Medical University Hospital, Shandong, China was carried out. Thirty four cases in the treatment group were treated with a micro-implant as the anchorage, while 31 cases of the control group were treated with a palatal bar and facebow as the anchorage, and the curative results of the two groups were then compared.

Results: After a 13-month treatment, both anchorages were clinically effective, but the micro-implant anchorage showed higher efficacy. Measurement indices for the test group, including sella-nasion - A point (SNA) angle (- 1.88 ± 0.71), sella-nasion-B point (SNB) angle (1.39 ± 0.42), A point - nasion - B point (ANB) angle (- 2.40 ± 0.83), upper central incisor - lower central incisor (U1 - L1) angle (25.79 ± 5.90), upper central incisor - sella - nasion (U1 - SN) angle (- 10.13 ± 3.68), lower central incisor – mandibular plane (L1 - MP) angle (- 4.22 ± 0.45), upper central incisor - nasion - A point (U1 - NA) angle (- 1.32 ± 1.35) and lower central incisor - nasion - B point (L1 - NB) angle (- 1.32 ± 1.35) of the test group were significantly different those of the control group Overbite (OB), overjet (OJ), intercanine width and the width of the first molars of treatment and control groups were also remarkably). Moreover, micro-implant was observed to be more stable during treatment.

Conclusion: Compared with traditional anchorages, micro-implants possess the advantages of slighter trauma, simpler operation, more reliable curative effect and high stability.

Keywords: Micro-implant anchorage, Orthodontics, Facebow anchorage, Oral medicine, Clinical efficacy


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eISSN: 1596-9827
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