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Ameliorative effect of Citrus aurantifolia and Cinnamomum burmannii extracts on diabetic complications in a hyperglycemic rat model

Herin Mawarti, Mohammad Zulfikar As’ad Khotimah, Mukhammad Rajin


Purpose: To evaluate the effects of Citrus aurantifolia and <i>Cinnamomum burmannii</i> extracts (Jermanis) on the number of pancreatic β-cells and levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD), low-density lipoprotein
(LDL), and transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) in β-cells.
Methods: Various doses of a combination of extracts of <i>C. aurantifolia</i> and </i>C. burmannii </i>were given orally to 25 male Wistar rats (<i>Rattus  norvegicus</i>) every 2 h for 30 days. Doses of 100, 300 and 500 mg/kg/day <i>C. aurantifolia</i> extract were considered low, medium and high doses, respectively, while, 200, 400 and 800 mg/kg/day <i>C. burmannii</i> extract were considered low, medium and high doses, respectively. LDL and SOD levels in blood serum were analyzed spectrophotometrically. TGF-β expression was evaluated by immunohistochemistry. Pancreatic tissue sections (diameter of a β-cell) were evaluated by light microscopy after hematoxylin and eosin staining.
Results: The combination of <i>C. aurantifolia</i> and <i>C. burmannii </i>extracts increased SOD levels, TGF-β expression and the number of β-cells and decreased LDL levels in hyperglycemic rats. The results indicate that the highest doses of <i>C. aurantifolia</i> and <i>C. burmannii</i> increased the number of β-cells in the islets of Langerhans. The combined extracts of <i>C. aurantifolia</i> and <i>C. burmannii</i> significantly affected pancreatic cell regeneration.
Conclusion: The combination of <i>C. aurantifolia</i> and <i>C. burmannii</i> extracts may be a promising alternative preventative medicine for management of diabetic complications in patients with hyperglycemia.

Keywords: β-cell, Diabetes, Diabetic complications, C<i>itrus aurantifolia, Cinnamomum burmannii</i>, Biochemical profile, TGF-β expression
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