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Effect of Shensong Yangxin on heart failure in preserved ejection fraction rat model

Weiwei Zhang, Qian Sun, Hao Chen, Qiang Zhang


Purpose: To investigate the interventional effect of ShensongYangxin (SSYX) on heart failure (HF) using preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) rat model.

Methods: HFpEF rat model was established using abdominal aorta coarctation method and randomly divided into a positive drug control group; SSYX at high, medium, and low dosage groups; and normal control group. After 8 weeks oral treatment of SSYX, echocardiography and cardiac catheterization were used to investigate the effects of SSYX on HFpEF rat cardiac functions, including mean heart rate (HR), left ventricle anterior and posterior wall thicknesses at end diastole (LVAWd + LVPWd), left ventricular internal diameter at end diastole (LVIDd), and left ventricle mass (LVM).

Results: SSYX markedly decreased heart weight and improved survival rate (p < 0.01) after 12 weeks of treatment. The expression of NT-proBNP decreased in a dose-dependent manner and was significantly lower in SSYX treatment groups (p < 0.01). Compared with normal control group, expression of CaMK II, PKA and RyR2 was significantly lower (p < 0.005), while expression level of SERCA2a significantly increased after 4 g/kg/day SSYX treatment (p < 0.01).

Conclusion: SSYX significantly attenuates HFpEF-induced cardiac dysfunction and increases survival rate, suggesting that SSYX may prevent HF via regulation of cytoplasmic Ca2+ handling. SSYX reduces plasma NT-proBNP levels, lending support for its therapeutic potential in HF management.

Keywords: Heart failure, Ejection fraction, ShensongYangxin
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