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Effect of Divergence in Patients’ Socioeconomic Background on their Perspective of the Role of the Community Pharmacist in Amman, Jordan

E Qunaibi, IA Basheti, E Qunaibi, IA Basheti, SA Hamadi, NR Bulatova, A Shanah, E Abu-Gharbieh


Purpose: To examine the effect of divergence in patients’ socioeconomic background on their perspective of the roles of the pharmacist in Amman, Jordan.
Methods: This was a single-phase observational study conducted in two different socioeconomic areas: Western (WA) and Eastern Amman (EA, which is of a lower socioeconomic status than WA) in March to May of both 2009 and 2010. A validated questionnaire was completed by patients walking into community pharmacies. The source of advice (clinical specialist, general practitioner, pharmacist, nurse or herbalist) regarding patient's disease management and medication use, as well as patients’
expectation of the pharmacist were investigated.
Results: 2000 patients (mean age: 35.1 ± 13.7 years, 57.2 % males) visiting community pharmacies in Amman (1000 each from WA and EA) took part in the study. The majority of patients chose the pharmacist as the source of advice on medication use (WA, 50.8 %; EA, 53.6 %), followed by the clinical specialist (WA, 35.7 % vs EA, 26.9 %, p = 0.001). Other aspects of patient perspective and expectation of the pharmacist were also assessed; in several instances, more reliance on the
pharmacist was observed in EA (lower socioeconomic status) than in WA.
Conclusion: The findings of this study is important for future social pharmacy studies in the area, as it shows that socioeconomic status influences patient’s perception of the role of the community pharmacist in Amman, Jordan.

Keywords: Socioeconomic status, Community pharmacist, Jordan, Patient perception, Counseling
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