Pleural Tuberculosis and its Treatment Outcomes

  • AH Khan
  • SAS Sulaiman
  • AR Muttalif
  • MA Hassali
  • H Akram
  • SW Gillani
  • SW Gillani
Keywords: Tuberculosis, Pleuritis, HIV/AIDS, Biopsy, Pulmonary.


Purpose: To evaluate the incidence, treatment and clinical outcomes of tuberculosis pleuritis at a hospital in the state of Penang, Malaysia.
Methods: A retrospective study was conducted in Hospital of Penang, Malaysia. Patient records were reviewed retrospectively to identify patients with confirmed diagnosis of tuberculous pleuritis from January 2006 to December 2008. Chest x-ray (CXR) and pleural biopsy were carried out on all patients. Directly observed therapy (DOT) was given to all patients. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 16.
Results: Of 1548 tuberculosis cases, 80 (5.2 %) patients had tuberculous pleuritis. The mean age of the patients was 35.4 ± 12.87 years, with a male to female ratio of 3.4:1. Ethnically, a plurality (n = 30, 37.7 %) of cases among tuberculosis pleuritis patients were Chinese, followed by Malay (31.2 %). Out of the 80 patients with tuberculous pleuritis, 10 (12.5 %) also had diabetes mellitus, and 8 (10.0 %) HIV/AIDS. Fever, cough, chest pain and shortness of breathing were the most frequently reported symptoms. Treatment success rate was 1.558 times higher among TB group than pleuritis TB group (Odds ratio, 95 % CI, 1.06 – 2.59, p = 0.025).
Conclusion: The incidence of TB pleuritis was gender- and race-related, with DM and HIV the most commonly reported risk factors. Treatment success rate was higher among pulmonary TB group than in those with TB pleuritis (extra pulmonary TB).

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Pleuritis, HIV/AIDS, Biopsy, Pulmonary.


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