Physicians’ and Pharmacists’ Experience and Expectations of the Roles of Pharmacists: Insights into Hospital Setting in Macau

  • UM Lo
  • H Hu
  • COL Ung
Keywords: Physician-pharmacist relationship, Pharmacist roles, Collaboration, Expectations


Purpose: To investigate physicians’ and pharmacists’ experience and expectations of the roles of pharmacists in hospital setting in Macau for the development of physician-pharmacist collaborative working relationship (CWR).
Methods: A survey was conducted to address the research questions. The study population included the physicians and pharmacists working in hospitals in Macau. A self-administered survey was designed correspondingly to physicians and pharmacists with same series of questions, which composed of 4 parts: demographics, collaboration status, roles of pharmacist based on experience, and roles of pharmacist based on expectations.
Results: Sixty six out of the 120 physician surveys and 18 out of the 30 pharmacist surveys were returned, giving a response rate of 55.00% and 60.00% respectively. 33.33% of physicians and 77.8% of pharmacists claimed they collaborated with the other professional at least once a week. The main reason for collaboration was prescription order queries. Both professionals indicated that “medication dispensing” and “identification and prevention of prescription errors” were currently the top responsibilities of pharmacists. It was anticipated by the physicians that pharmacists would remain focused on “medication dispensing” but should put in more effort. Pharmacists, on the other hand, would like to develop their role in direct patient care such as “patient counseling”.
Conslusion: There were discrepancies in physicians’ and pharmacists’ expectations of the roles of pharmacists. The 6 most important responsibilities of pharmacists were determined in consultation with physicians’ opinions. Capacity building of pharmacists, communication between the two professionals and administrative co-ordinations were considered important elements in developing CWR.

Keywords: Physician-pharmacist relationship, Pharmacist roles, Collaboration, Expectations.


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