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Published: 2023-11-06

Evaluation of diclofenac emulgel prepared with sesame oil as a lipophilic carrier

Zwanden Sule Yahaya, Latifat Oyiza Otaru, Boma Blessing Mohammed, Olutayo Ademola Adeleye, Na'anman Charles Dagogot, Idris Abdullahi


Co-delivery of combretastatin A4 and docetaxel with pegylated nanostructured lipid carriers in tumor cells

Caifeng Jia, Sen Zhang, Wenpan Li, Chun Chu, Haiyang Hu, Mingxia Wang, Dawei Chen


CircPDSS1 accelerates malignant progression of renal cell carcinoma through sponging of miR-182-5p

Jia Wang, Yan Li, Yangsong Ou, Wan Qin, Wukui Huang, Cengceng Lu, Rongyan Ma, Rui Han, Hu Han


Effect of miR-138 on migration and invasion of cervical cancer cells, and the underlying mechanism

Yanxi Li, Jun Peng, Yong Huang, Yichun Man, Yaqi Li, Ping Chen, Erqing Peng


Alkaloids from Peganum harmala attenuated contractile responses of vascular smooth muscle cells

Mohamed K. Al-Essa, Eman Alefishat, Sawsan AbuHamdah, Mohammed H. Al-Muhtaseb, Darwish H. Badran, Mhd Tareq Wahbi, Rima Altaweel, Amjad T. Shatarat


Ozone exposure induces cough hypersensitivity in mice

Tinglei Li, Shu Zhang, Xuemei Liu, Tianyuan Xin, Yu Chen, Zhe Chen


Safety and efficacy of salvianolate injection in preventing deep vein thrombosis after total hip replacement

Xiaoning Liu, Yang Ju, Xiaoyong Yin, Hui Yang, Shoujiang Han, Deming Kong, Hongbo Zhao


Nectin-3 and Nectin-4: potential prognostic biomarkers for therapeutic targeting of cancer

Aihong Yang, Yan Ge, Panpan Yang, Yuqi Xin, Chenlu Zhang, Feixue Xu, Jiao Yang


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