Tropical Veterinarian

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Public health implications of post-harvest fish handling practices in Nigeria

PI Bolorunduro, OC Jegede


In developing countries the issue of thorough handling of harvested fish is still problematic especially in respect of the level of post-harvest technology. In Nigeria, the fisheries sub-sector of the agricultural economy is a significant employer of labour, especially in the aspects of fish capture and post-harvest handling. A wide range of handling practices for harvested fish exists and they have economic as well as public health implications. This paper is a review of the existing problems in fish handling technologies at post-harvest in Nigeria. The public health aspects with the associated implications are highlighted. Status of policy on fish hygiene in the country, as well as guides to quality assessment are also discussed. It is the authors' hope that developing countries will lay emphasis on the public health aspects of fish at post-harvest, so that fish products will continue to play their roles as good sources of first class protein.

Keywords: fish, post-harvest spoilage, public health

Tropical Veterinarian Vol. 22(3&4) 2004: 85-92
AJOL African Journals Online