Estimation of Live Body Weight From Body Measurements in Nigerian Local Dogs

  • CO Emehelu
  • JI Eze
  • A Akune
  • KF Chah
Keywords: Body weight, Body measurements, Correlation, Nigerian local dog.


This study was conducted to determine the relationship between live body weight of Nigerian local dogs and chest girth, abdominal girth and crown-rump length and to establish prediction equations for body weight determination. A total of 78 apparently healthy, non-pregnant Nigerian local dogs of both sexes were used in the study. The correlation coefficients between body weight and body measurements were positive and highly significant (p<0.001). Among the three body measurements, chest girth had the highest correlation coefficient followed by crown-rump length. When the three body measurements were included in the regression equation the coefficient of determination (R2=0.928) obtained was the same as when only chest girth and abdominal girth were included in the equation. When chest girth alone was used in the equation, a coefficient of determination of 0.927) was obtained. The mean actual body weight of the dogs was not significantly (t=0.016, p=0.987) different from body weight predicted using the chest girth measurement. The study has shown that the chest girth measurement could be a reliable determinant of body weight in Nigerian local dogs.

Keywords: Body weight, Body measurements, Correlation, Nigerian local dog.


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eISSN: 0794-4845