A Case Report of Congenital Splayleg in a Piglet

  • SAV Abakpa
  • OG Akintunde
  • AO Talabi
  • OE Adeleye


A case of splayleg is reported in a pig farm housing three boars, eight sows, thirty growers and fifteen piglets. The affected piglet was in a litter of eight. One out of eight piglets presented signs of chilling, lameness, extended hind legs, sitting and crawling with the hindquarter. Plain radiograph of the hind legs revealed no obvious fracture. The diagnosis of congenital splayleg was made based on the presented clinical signs and plain radiograph. The case was managed by securing the hind legs together above the hock about 5cm apart with a loose “figure 8” using an adhesive tape. The piglet recovered after three days.

Keywords: Congenital splayleg, Piglets, Management


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0794-4845