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Epidemiology and public health importance of bovine cysticercosis in Makurdi, North-Central Nigeria

R. A. Ofukwu, C. A. Akwuobu, A. I. Okwori


A ten-year (1997 – 2006) retrospective and one-year (2007) cross-sectional study of bovine cysticercosis in Makurdi were conducted using abattoir slaughter records, participatory meat inspection and interviews of abattoir workers. The incidence rates, sex and age of the animals infected and visceral organs affected were determined. The consumption pattern was also determined. The overall incidence rates were 0.7% (n = 53,769) and 9.2% (n = 4,212) for retrospective and cross-sectional studies respectively. In the retrospective study, there were no significant differences (P>0.05) in the age specific incidence rates. For the cross-sectional study, slaughtered cattle, 3 – 5 years and 8 years and above, were mostly affected. Sex specific incidence rates obtained in both studies did not differ significantly (P>0.05). There was no significant difference (P>0.05) in the monthly incidences for the retrospective study. Multiple organs were affected in 47.3% (n = 389) of the carcasses. The high incidence of bovine cysticercosis in Makurdi is of great public health risk to consumers of beef and beef products as 97.3% of people interviewed said they eat beef at one time or the other.


Keywords: Epidemiology, bovine cysticercosis, Makurdi, Nigeria.
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