The life and times of Sipho Sydney Sepamla: A tribute

  • M V Mzamane


God can be very funny at times – like the way he decided to take Sipho “Doc” Bikitsha and Sipho “Bra Sid” Sepamla (22.09.1932–09.01.2007) together!1 I remember an article Doc Bikitsha wrote on Sepamla in the 1970s, effectively calling Sepamla and his family “ama-situation” – those who situate themselves socially above others. Bikitsha said that because when they were growing up in Madubulaville, Sepamla's parents rarely allowed him to step out of the yard to rough it up with the likes of Bikitsha and similar location ruffians. That's what made Bra Sid the gentleman he became, a purveyor of love and peace, and a man of letters (not French letters, like Doc)! Bra Sid's response to Doc's banter was: "Ndizakufumana ngenye imini!" (Some day I'll fix you). I can't help giggling to myself at the thought of the final showdown in heaven between the two humorous men of letters. But I predict a win-win situation – reconciliation – just the way Bra Sid would have wanted it!

Tydskriff vir Letterkunde Vol. 44 (2) 2007: pp. 240-246

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