Physico-chemical parameters and heavy metal contents of Ibuya river in old Oyo national park, Sepeteri, Oyo state, Nigeria

  • JA Akponine
  • OA Ugwumba


The physico-chemical parameters and heavy metal contents of Ibuya River were investigated between September 2012 and August 2013 from four stations using standard methods to  etermine acceptable water quality standards and evaluate possible sustainability of a thriving fisheries cum tourist sport fishing venture. The mean concentration of total dissolved solids (103.30±5.29mg/l), conductivity (148.50±7.90 μS/cm), pH (7.58±0.05), dissolved oxygen (3.75±0.09 mg/l), water temperature (25.25±0.30 °C), hardness (44.60±2.92 mg/lCaCO3), alkalinity (11.55±0.72 mg/lCaCO3), copper (0.11±0.02 mg/l), zinc (0.10±0.01 mg/l), chloride (76.90±5.58 mg/l), sulphate (24.20±3.65mg/l) and nitrate (18.50±3.07 mg/l) fell within the range of allowable standards of WHO, NESREA, USEPA, FEPA and SON while turbidity (19.42±0.97FTU), magnesium (2.55±0.25 mg/l), manganese (0.19±0.03 mg/l), iron (2.20±0.27 mg/l), lead (0.59±0.09 mg/l), cadmium (0.13±0.05 mg/l) and phosphate (10.80±2.40 mg/l) fell outside the range with known consequences on the biota. The river contains pollutant, due to wastes from agricultural ventures, domestic wastes of dwellers and fuel stations. Continuous consumption of high levels of pollutant will cause stress to aquatic communities leading to death and in turn elicit socio-economic disaster since the site is a recreational park currently being considered for sports fishing venture. Surveillance is advocated to monitor and reduce anthropogenic discharges from the surrounding communities into the river.

Keywords: pollution, heavy metals, water quality, anthropogenic activities.


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eISSN: 1596-972X