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Problems affecting the promotion of literacy in Tanzania and the role of Library and Information Science (LIS) profession in alleviating the situation

AW Malekani


Illiteracy is envisaged to be a major ‘obstruction\' on the road to Information Superhighway in Tanzania. Records indicate that over 90 percent literacy levels recorded in 1970s and 1980s for different reasons have dropped to only 78 percent. This paper highlights some of the factors causing high level of illiteracy rate and problems encountered by the information-starved people in their quest for knowledge and self-development as reviewed from different sources. It shows that Tanzanians are disadvantaged when it comes to accessing information and it also shows that commitment on the part of Governments, Non-Government organizations, libraries and other information professionals in this country can greatly help to eradicate illiteracy.

University of Dar es Salaam Library Journal Vol. 7(1) 2005: 57-70

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eISSN: 2953-2515
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