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Drama as an Instrument for National Identity Formation

C C Ojemudia


Drama acts as a medium for information dissemination, communication, education, conscientization and entertainment. It is usually created, and its very creation determines what it is and what it does. Drama is created in such a way as to express meaning, feeling, and spirit so that the audience members will have an opportunity to experience what the actors want them to experience. Drama helps man to form a view of the world; a true and large-scale assessment of events; get a rational, reasoned orientation of the world around him; and make a true assessment of his own self. It aesthetically expresses man's emotional-intellectual world in his relationship to the environment. National or personal identity is a direct result of the presence of elements from the shared activities such as drama performances, cultural practices and other common factors in people's daily lives including language, history, culture and consciousness. In Nigeria, drama has played significant roles in forming and consolidating ethnic and national identities. Drama therefore is an effective instrument for Identity formation.

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