Women Leadership and its Relevance to National Development in the 21st Century

  • E Oghale


The involvement of the female persons in nation-building is an ineluctable right as well as inescapable reality for a holistic and comprehensive political development, economic and social advancement in the 21st century national polity. Female gender is naturally imbued with salient and sterling leadership qualities. Women are also known to be resilient family and society builders. Over time in history, a few women who have been entrusted with the leading role to manage human and material resources have more often than not proved the same point that, given adequate backing, they can perform creditably. This study enunciates the historical dateline of women’s quest for a chance in leadership and nation-building; few examples of women in leadership positions and their immense and exemplary contributions to societal polity and nation-building are spotlighted.


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eISSN: 1595-1413