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Globalization, Culture and Human Development in the 21st Century Nigeria

Bright Enyinnaya Nwamuo, Gaius Prince Anonaba


The world has been described as a global village due to enhanced global communication and interaction among people of different nationalities. Culture is not left out in this global interaction as there are available means or mechanisms through which ideas and information are exchanged among citizens of different countries and seekers of knowledge around the world. This paper examines issues on globalization and its impact on culture, cultural values and its implication on the 21st century Nigeria. In order to have a clearer understanding of the subject matter, the paper has been segmented into sub-headings, clearly stating the content analysis of the study. The objective of this paper is to carefully examine the impact of globalization on Nigerian culture and the effect on human development. It assesses the influence foreign culture on Nigerian children and the society at large, it considers the position and future of the Nigerian culture at the face of globalization. Careful assessment of these facts reveals some gaps on Nigerian culture and value system. This study has used secondary sources such as text books and journals. It has suggested the way forward considering the challenges faced by the Nigerian.

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