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Igbo Cultural Values and the European Influence: A Way to Redirect the Present Igbo Youths

Gladys Ifeoma Udechukwu


The world is a mystery and very complex to finish its interpretation. As it continues to exist, numerous things and mysterious things manifest day by day. Human beings are made to live and control other things in the world. In different parts of the world, many cultures and belief systems exist. Because of the natural endowment of different regions of the world, there is bound that differences must exist in the way the people think and live their lives. It is therefore not surprise that what one part of the world practices or holds firm may not be the same with other parts of the world. Europeans have their way of life based on their environment and culture and Igbo people also have their own way of life. In living out the life, there are values and norms which help to control peoples’ lives and to check the excesses. There are some negative behaviours that are not acceptable in the society. These unacceptable behaviours are called “Taboos”. What is seen as taboo in Igbo land may not be seen as taboo in the European countries. It has been observed that some of the Igbo people that have come into contact with Europeans have been seriously influenced and affected by the culture of the white men in such a way that their own culture has been delegated to the background and this has affected the way they live which in most cases are contrary to the good values and norms Igbo people are known for. It is on this note that the researcher seeks to look into some of the Igbo cultural values that have been influenced by the Europeans and their effects on human development. With this, the Igbo people will be able to understand their cultural heritage and will go a long way to preserve and protect them. Descriptive and survey methods of research will be adopted in the course of the research.

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