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Gender Inequality and its Challenge to Women Development in Nigeria: The Religious Approach

Clifford Meesua Sibani


Obviously, discrimination with respect to gender inequality in Nigeria is at the apex in the contemporary era. Gender inequality is a socio-cultural phenomenon that divides people into various categories such as male and female with a very high bias placing one specifically less than the other. Here attention is given to the sorry and pitiable state of women in Nigeria under marginalization and suppression from the men in a bid to continually exercise undue superiority over them. However, this paper addresses the social status of women in Nigeria: how men have contributed to a slow state of development of Nigerian women via paid employment (socio-economic), socio-cultural, socio-religious and sociopolitical. This research looked at the recommendations of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women and its relevance to women development. Religious approach to gender inequality as a panacea to enhance the development of women in Nigerian nation was x-rayed. This research made used of historical method, books and journal articles were also consulted.

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