A Linguistic Wanderlust around Humanism

  • Ephraim Chukwu


Humanism, a man-centred interest, is in contrast to the Middle Ages or ecclesiastical period, a God – centred churchianity. The different mankind’s interests to control and embellish his surroundings to infuse comfort are discussed under ancient, classical, ecclesiastical, modern and contemporary humanism. The purpose of this paper therefore is to recall that mankind’s march of civilization is a march to realize himself, to conquer his environments, and to make himself comfortable. Thus, its contribution is bringing to the forefront language as the pivotal tool facilitating the humanism of mankind, and a tool relied upon in this wanderlust around humanism. In so doing, the paper concludes that humanism and human development, suggestive of humanism, are stored, retained and accounted for by language.

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eISSN: 1595-1413