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Effect of Painting Series Package on the Performances of Junior Secondary Cultural and Creative Arts in Ogbomoso Nigeria

Michael Olubunmi Odewumi, Ivan Emeka Okonkwo


The study investigated the effect of Painting Series Package on the performance of Junior Secondary School Cultural and Creative Arts in Ogbomoso, Nigeria. Gender influence on the students’ performances was also examined. Sample comprised 60 students drawn purposively from two secondary schools. The researcher’s designed Painting Series Package and Painting Series Performing Test (PASEPET) were used as treatment and Test instruments. Two hypotheses were tested using Analysis of covariance. Finding indicated that there is no significant differences between the performances of students taught with Painting Series Package and those taught using the conventional method. Gender was also not a factor in students’ performance. It was recommended that Painting Series Package should be developed for teaching Cultural and Creative Arts topics within the context of Junior Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Key words: Cultural and Creative Arts, Painting Series Package, Gender, Nigeria.

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