Creativity Inherent in Abigbo Performance Composition: Use of Imagery and Musical Repetitions

  • Justice Chukwudi Okoro
Keywords: Creativity, Abigbo, Performance composition, Imagery, Musical repetitions.


This paper unfolds systematically organized requisite performance composition defined in words and with exemplary scores to buttress the texture. The communication principles of behaviour, protocols, skill and tools needed to achieve music dissemination set objectives are highlighted in the study. The very last facet of the study given deserved attention addresses varieties of vocal devices including use of imagery, repetition of musical extracts and the like. Data are collected through interview as well as participant observation medium. In the long run, the study justifies the uniqueness of Abigbo in musical inventiveness as it affects its application of the keystones constituting the thrust of the paper. In keeping with this observation, the study concludes that musical repetition in their varieties, made use of imagery and, of course, performance composition cannot be dispensed with if the peculiarity of Abigbo must be maintained.


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eISSN: 1595-1413