Homosexuality and the church: Examining the moral implications of the stand of the church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) against homosexuality

  • Ikechukwu Kenneth Okwuosa
Keywords: Homosexuality, Church, Nigeria, Ethical, Anglican Communion


The Church of Nigeria Anglican communion maintains a strong opposition to homosexuality with members of the church who are found to be homosexuals facing dismissal and ostracism. This work employed a qualitative research design reviewing relevant literature to examine the moral implications of the stand of the church on homosexuality as it affects the church and its members. The position of the church on homosexuality could lead homosexual members of the church to develop psychological problems that could lead to suicide, they could also be secretive about the way they feel thereby leading to many secret homosexuals within the Church and they could resent the church and religion in general. The Church is right in its condemnation of homosexuality but must rethink its stand on homosexuality. The overwhelming grace of God in Christ Jesus demands that the church views the homosexual as a sinner like other sinners who need help to turn away from their sins. The need to maintain a balance is therefore recommended.


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eISSN: 1595-1413