Nietzsche’s Neurosis and the Dramaturgy of Godlessness in the Nigerian Theatre

  • AA Adeoye


The socio-political elegance and inelegance of Oedipus complex, the eponymous character in Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, Hamlet self-inflicted madness in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Freud’s inescapable Electra complex of infamy articulated in Totem and Taboo, Dadaism and Nietzsche’s neurosis are clear (mistranslation, deconstruction and misrepresentation) of the ethics and ethos of existence. They served as wild attempt at deconstructing God which graduated into a paradox and dialectical error of deconstructing self, trite cliché of thinking with-the-box. Consequently, this research work, through Gilbert Murray’s revisionism of religion-ritual-drama’s theoretical framework examines the dramaturgy of godlessness in the Nigerian theatre. Subsequently, Wole Soyinka’s The trials of Brother Jero and Jero’s Metamorphosis and Ahmed Yerima’s The Bishop and the Soul and The Liman will be used as reference texts for this study. While concluding, we are of the opinion that the dramaturgy of godlessness is a satire for godliness in the dramatists’ search for the essence of religion in our contemporary society. We also recommend the aesthetics of de-herotization in religious performance articulation.

eISSN: 1595-1413