Ideologies’ Role in Africa’s Political Underdevelopment

  • M Dukor


Ideology is the theoretical and practical mirror through which the society is viewed. It gives social, political and economic direction to governments and their policy makers. But a particular ideology could be of disservice to a particular people at a particular time. And in the African situation, some ideologies, instead of serving the good of the black people, were rather promoting underdevelopment and divisions among the people. Africa, naturally had an ideology, namely Conceptual democracy, but which has been substituted by those that played negative roles in Africa’s political development namely: leftist, Rightist, Center leftist and Center rightist ideologies. All these are examined peri-pasu, the Thirdway theory, which this paper believes is serving the end of neocolonialism. The objective of this article is to critically examine the roles of different ideologies and classes in the Africa’s political underdevelopment. We shall examine the collapse of consensual democracy and review the roles of the rightist, leftist, centre leftist, centre rightist ideologies in the underdevelopment of Africa. We shall take a critically look on the Third way theory.

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eISSN: 1595-1413