Appreciation of Igbo Folktales and Songs Versus Realism

  • UJ Ogbalu


Igbo folktales are fiction. Folktales are regarded as fictitious, senseless and totally devoid of truth and reality and totally removed from real life situation and events. Nevertheless in their functionality, one discovers that folktales exhibit some elements of truth that somehow translate them into realism
and true life situation. For instance while appreciating folktales, real people laugh, shout, cry, hiss, and clap hands as if in real life situation. An observation of folktale story telling sessions shows that Igbo people are so much attached to this literary genre. The author feels that there must be some natural compelling forces behind this phenomenon which make Igbo people appreciate their folktales (fiction) as if they were true life stories. This paper identifies and discusses these forces that make Igbo people appreciate their folktales so.

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eISSN: 1595-1413