Cultural Analysis of Harmony and Conflict: Towards an Integrated Model of Conflict Styles

  • O Anedo


This paper tries to analyze some harmony and conflict styles already proposed by some authors as each appears within some cultures. The models discussed include western conflict frameworks that include the interest perspectives on conflict; the dual-concern model in Asia, harmony frameworks based on Chinese & Igbo cultures. A harmony framework has to do with balancing, disintegrating, aligning and smoothing. The paper discussed theoretical integration of harmony and conflict among cultures, taking Chinese and Igbo as stand point. It therefore took the study to “a yin-yang” model of conflict styles, an integrated conflict model, constructive diplomacy, accommodating, constructive controversy, obliging, superficial compliance (obeys publicly & disobeys privately), avoiding and destructive confrontation, ignoring comparison of the integrated model and previous models, empirical relationships between harmony and conflict. The paper also discussed items defining harmony enhancement and disintegration avoidance and gave advice on future research on the integrated conflict model. In conclusion, several directions for future research were discussed, with the aim of stimulating future research that integrates harmony and conflict constructs for a complete understanding of disagreements and clashes.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-1413