Religion and Societal Development: A Philosophical Appraisal of African Situation

  • CC Obi


Religion can serve as a strong force in boosting societal development and can as well retard it. This, for me, is as a result of man’s inability to discover his place and role in existence as a being with responsibility and sequel to this, he always fails to contribute his own quota in solving a myriad of problems surrounded him and the society at large rather, usually waits for divine intervention believing that manna will fall from heaven with little or no effort of his own. This is more prevalent among the Africans. This work will employ the philosophical methods of hermeneutics and analysis in proffering answer to questions like: how can religion help in fostering societal development? What are the limitations of this help? How does man come in the issue of societal development? What are his roles in this regard? This work is an effort to stress that extreme religiousness of Africans is among the factors retarding development in Africa but that does not mean that the work condemns the practice of religion among Africans for it is also part of its aims to establish some of the roles religion can play to facilitate progress in Africa.

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eISSN: 1595-1413