Determination of hormonal combination for increased multiplication of tissue culture potato plantlets

  • F Nuwagira
  • SB Mukasa
  • WW Wagoire
  • P Namugga
  • IN Kashaija
  • A Barekye
Keywords: In-vitro propagation, Solanum tuberosum


Use of plant growth hormones either singly or in combination is vital for rapid multiplication of virus-free in-vitro potato (Solanum tuberosum L. ) plantlets for the production of clean seed potato. This study was carried out at Kachwekano Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute, Kabale district in south-western Uganda to identify a suitable hormonal combination and optimum concentrations for production of a high number of In-vitro plantlets for three farmer-preferred varieties Kachpot-1, Kinigi, and Victoria. Eight hormonal combinations were formulated and tested using a completely randomized design with three replicates in the tissue culture laboratory. Ten shoot tips from in-vitro raised plantlets were excised and transferred to each of these hormonal combinations. The effect of hormonal combinations was variety dependant. N3 produced the highest mean number of nodes (6.42), buds (4.32) and tallest plantlets (7.38) for Kinigi. N2 produced the highest number of buds in Kachpot 1. N4 produced the tallest plantlets (7.19), highest mean number of buds (5.88) and nodes (7.66) for Victoria. Therefore, N3, N2 and N4 should be used for rapid In-vitro propagation of Kinigi, Kachpot 1 and Victoria respectively.

Key words: In-vitro propagation, Solanum tuberosum


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eISSN: 2410-6909
print ISSN: 1026-0919