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A Comparative Study of the use of Dried Blood on Filter Papers and Serum Samples for Serodiagnosis of Anaplasmosis

GSZ Ssenyonga, S Montenegro-James, I Kakoma, R Mansen


A study was conducted to compare the suitability of blood collected on filter papers with corresponding fluid  serum samples in serodiagnosis of bovine anaplasmosis using DOT-ELISA, RCAT and Western imunobtotting.  Serum was obtained from blood collected by jugular venipuncture of288 heads of cattle and stored at -70 °C. About 0.2 ml of the corresponding blood sample was applied and dried on filter paper (Wbatman No.1) after collection in duplicates. One of the duplicates was stirred at room temperature and the other at 4°C.  Subsequently, sera were eluted from the dried blood samples on the filter paper with a solution of 1.8 ml PBS  Tween 20% at pH of7.2 to give a dilution of 1:100. Antigens were prepared as described by Montenegro-James  et al (1988) and analysed by DOT-ELISA and Western immunoblot at dilutions ranging from 1:25 to 1:200.  Results showed that dried blood samples on filter paper were suitable for sero-epid€miological studies of  bovine anaplasmosis and storage at room temperature for 6 months did not affect reactivity.

Key words : Dried blood, serodiagnosis, anaplasmosis, filter papers.

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