Adaptive RAC codes employing statistical channel evaluation

  • KMS Soyjaudah
  • MK Oolun
  • MI Jahmeerbacus
Keywords: Adaptive array codes, statistical channel evaluation


In time varying channels the noise and interference vary randomly. Forward error correction codes (FEC) on  such channels are designed to cater for the worst possible state and require a large amount of redundancy at  all time. This means that when the channel is relatively noiseless, excessive error control power and hence  redundancy is being employed and results in a reduction in the overall information rate. An adaptive encoding  technique using row and column array (RAC) codes employing a different number of parity columns that  depends on the channel state is proposed in this paper. The trellises of the proposed adaptive codes and a  statistical channel evaluation technique employing these trellises are designed and implemented.

Keywords: Adaptive array codes, statistical channel evaluation


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1694-0342