A Novel Key Distribution Solution for Combined Public/Secret Key Cryptographic Techniques using a Security Server

  • S Govinda
Keywords: cryptography, key distribution, security server


Combined public and secret key cryptographic techniques have merged the advantages of both techniques, namely very rapid encryption and decryption with secret key cryptography and efficient key distribution with public key cryptography. Although the system works perfectly well with point to point systems, it does not cater for key distribution and management in a multi-user networking environment. This paper presents a solution to the problem through the use of an innovative concept known as a security server, which acts as the central point for distribution of keys as well as providing enhanced security by renewing the public and private keys after a random number of times. Moreover, an implementation over the new IPv6 Internet protocol is presented such that the system can be ported to both wired and wireless networking environments.

Keywords: cryptography, key distribution, security server.


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eISSN: 1694-0342