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Water quality at the habitat of the Podostemaceae in Ghana

GK Ameka
KAA de Graft-Johnson
JK Adomako


The water quality and river catchment characteristics of Ankasa, Asuboni and Pawnpawn rivers in Ghana where Podostemaceae grow were determined using standard methods. The altitude of the sites ranged from 100 to 290 m
above sea level. The catchment areas for the sites vary from 35 to 171 km2. Between 10–81% of the catchment areas of the sites are within forest reserves. The study showed that the Podostemaceae in Ghana inhabit rivers with the following range of physico-chemical characteristics: pH 6.7–7.3, calcium 2.2–16.0 mg l-1, ammonia-nitrogen 0.07–0. 90 mg l-1, chloride 6.8–38.0 mg l-1, electrical conductivity 26.4–138.0 mS cm-1, magnesium 0.4–9.7 mg l-1, nitrate-nitrogen 0.1–0.6 mg l-1, phosphate 0.01–0.30 mg
l-1, silicate 0-21.4 mg l-1 and sulphate 1.5–20.8 mg l-1. The results indicate the quality of water at the habitat of Podostemaceae in Ghana.