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Design of Computer Fault Diagnosis and Troubleshooting System (CFDTS)

SI Ele, WA Adesola


Detection of personal computer (PC) hardware problems is a complicated process which demands high level of knowledge and skills. Depending on the know-how of the technician, a simple problem could take hours or even days to solve. Our aim is to develop an expert system for troubleshooting and diagnosing personal computers thereby assisting personal computer
owners in dealing with their computer problems especially when the time is limited and human expert is not available. We model our system using Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) and UML (Unified Modeling Language). In this paper we adopt method of fact-finding called knowledge acquisition which is a knowledge-based approach to extract facts and we
introduce various sets of rules into our system for detecting different types of failures which can be easily handled by the PC owners and will give their causes. The data extracted from experts is stored in the knowledge-base of the Expert System shell. The graphical user interface, the expert system shell and the database of the model are developed by integrating  Netbeans, Java language, MySQL database tool and the dynamic linking library (DLL) files.

Keywords: Diagnosis, Expert System, Knowledge-based, Troubleshooting, Knowledge Acquisition, UML.

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