Promoting Economic Security through Information Technology

  • G Okpali
  • T Uchegbu
  • S Okide
Keywords: Economic Security, Micro-Enterprise


The problem of economic insecurity is a global threat to national security. In Nigeria today, we have witness a lot of national security issues that risks the continued existence of the country as one indivisible political entity with many calling for disintegration. Hitherto, many terrorist networks have sprang up in many parts of the country such as , MEND, Boko Haram and MASSOB as well as kidnapping for ransom crime to mention but a few.[1]. These national security challenges are as a result of economic insecurity or
lack of economic security such as Income security, Employment security, Job security, Representation security, Labour market Security, Work security, Skill reproduction security. The researchers adopted descriptive method in the analysis of the data using tables and simple percentages and chi-square. The primary source of data was from respondents of the administered questionnaire of a sample size of 80. We discovered that
ICT awareness is high but underutilized due to various factors including lack of government commitment to providing and usage of ICT tools. This conclusion was drawn from the result derived from the computed value of chi-square (x2) of 21.35, at the critical value at 5% significance level and a degree of freedom(df) of 3. The computed value 7.815 which was deployed in the test of the hypothesis..

Key Words: Economic Security, Micro-Enterprise


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