Performance and Security Evaluation of Biometric-Based Web Application

  • FO Okafor
  • G Ogbuabor
Keywords: Web Application, Security, Performance, Biometrics


Biometric recognition is the use of individual biometric physical or  behavioural characteristics such as iris, retina, and fingerprint to uniquely identify the person. This technology offers a reliable and convenient solution to the problem of personal recognition. Fingerprint identification and verification system is the most widely used today due to ease of
implementation and high performance. With the increase in the use of biometric systems in various sectors and organisations, there is increasing concern about the security and privacy of persons involved. Deploying a biometric system on the web makes it accessible by everybody thus preventing hackers and imposters that might exploit the system for their own gain. This paper evaluates the performance and security of biometric based web application, narrating the importance and challenges of using biometric to identify individuals in the web. To evaluate the system, Student Attendance Monitoring System was developed using java   technology and MYSQL as the backend. The system involves scanning of student fingerprint using fingerprint scanner. Fifty (50) students were  enrolled into the system and success rate of above 93% was recorded. The template is also secured due to the encrypted nature of the  extracted template of the students fingerprint during enrolment and identification processes.

Keywords: Web Application, Security, Performance, Biometrics


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print ISSN: 1116-5405