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Chemical Entities in the foliated Argillite of coastal sedimentary Pond of Togo

T Maguembara, S Bawoubadi


Twenty soundings completely nicked by 20 m of average depth or 400 m drilled were realized on the site of Dagbati-Watchidomé, locality situated in the coastal sedimentary pond in the southeast of Togo in Western Africa. The site was canvassed from June, 2012 till September, 2012 by 4 profiles of soundings each on a 12 km² surface (4x3). A dry flat broke portable
swindler of diameter 100 mm (GÖRTZ EMS 23) was used and 360 samples were made. The description of samples shows that argillites leafed down in palygorskites is found in the southern and southeast part of the explored site and bevel northward. Analyses in the X-rays of samples (360) gave rates of +20% of mineral palygorskites in the sample and 5-20% of mineral bentonites in the sample. The levels in palygorskites and in  bentonites of the samples indicated a capacity of adsorption to the  methylene blue respectively of 85 mg / g and 137 mg / g on the whole canvassed site. The contents it calcite of the tested samples are from 3 to 4 %. All in all, our works show that Togo arranges very important resources of palygorskites and bentonites which are proved to more than 30 million tons in the rough being lying.

Keywords: sedimentary pond, nicked sounding, methylene blue, chemical entity, Togo

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