The Increasing Complexity of Hacker Attacks on Personal and Corporate Information Systems: A Proactive Mitigation Response Model

  • OE Osuagwu
  • N Chinwe
  • I Agwamba
  • S Okide
  • OA Njoku
  • D Ogbonna


Information Technology and associated tools have brought both blessing and curse to humanity. In spite of awe-inspiring attacks of hackers and malware writers, the immense benefits of this technology have prevented many from withdrawing from its use. Just any one is affected by the services of Information Technology - Transportation Systems, Personal and corporate financial records and systems, Banking and financial institutions, Hospitals and the medical community. The public telephone network, Air Traffic Control, Power systems and other utilities, the government and the military. No body is left out. To prevent the collapse of the Internet, the Internet Workforce and the industry have pooled resources together to provide some mitigation or palliative strategies, but these efforts have been inadequate to prevent continuing massive attacks by hackers. The attacks are becoming daring and more complex by day. The most advisable mitigation approach is to take the proactive route for survival. This paper has provided a modest list of emerging attacks on corporate information systems, a catalogue of the motivators, intension of hackers and sketches out a model of proactive and reactive mitigation response model for individuals and corporations.

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print ISSN: 1116-5405