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Examination of Reviews-Outcomes of Community Water Fluoridation in Dental Caries Prevention

OA Olofin, CN Agu, NO Ohadoma


The purpose of this paper is to examine the different reviews of the  outcomes of fluoridation of community water in the prevention of dental caries in Cochrane library. The earlier articles within the period, 2010 and 2013, were introduced in this study. As dental caries has remained a  challenge in public health where the quantity of fluoride in water is low (lower than the recommendation of World Health Organization 1 part per million (ppm)). The positive effects of fluoridation of community water in the prevention of dental caries are recognized in a widely manner,  especially in the consideration of children. In some selected reviews, it was discovered that fluoride is effective in the prevention of dental caries in people whose ages are more than 20 years. There is a relationship between the concentration of water fluoridation of quantity higher than 1 ppm and the incidence of dental fluorosis. It was also observed that there is no relationship between fluoridation and cancer or bone fracture, or any other effects. As fluoridation of water is of immense benefit to a  community with higher population, the authors and researchers also acknowledged and recommended other sources of fluoride such as milk, salts, and tooth paste, for prevention.

Keywords: fluoride, dental caries, cancer, water fluoridation, community water, oral diseases.

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