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Modelling of a Small Scale Waste Water Treatment Plant (SSWWTP)

E A Ogbonnaya, C Anyanwu Chukwudi, C Ndukwe


One of the most important environmental problems faced by the world today is waste handling and due to variation in waste water with respect to homes. The two main treatment used here are the aerobic and the anaerobic treatment process. The processes are brought to increase the efficiency of the plant. The plant has the capacity of treating the wastewater with high chemical oxygen demand (COD), biological oxygen demand (BOD), settleable and nonsettleable solids coupled with some other impurities. It was achieved by introducing some microorganism in its granular form into the up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) tank and aerator at the sequence batch reactor (SBR) tank so that the non-settleable solids could settle at the settling tank. From the analytical result of ten samples used, it was observed that seven out of ten have high COD (red in colour) while the remaining samples had the normal COD range for domestic waste. The average COD removal efficiency at the UASB was 64% while that at the SBR was 14%. Thus, the general performance efficiency of the plant is 78.4% which is the average COD removal efficiency at 100% evaluation.

Keywords: Influent tank, Equalization tank, UASB, SBR, Settling tank, Biodegradation process.

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