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An Investigation into Waste Management Practices in Nigeria (A Case Study of Lagos Environmental protection Board and Abuja Environmental protection Board)

AJ Gana, D Ngoro


The growth of our population in the urban centres is rapid and the increase in industrial activities present an important challenges as well as timely opportunity for the application of environment and conserved management in Nigeria. This is true because as the urban centres are increasing in population, it is accomplished by an increase in the production of different categories of city, town and local wastes. The waste management problem in Nigeria is relatively enormous, and many attempts made at getting rid of it from human settlement have been very successful. In developed countries like Europe, there are effective systems for the  removal of waste from different settlements, although ultimate and final disposal usually pose problem in the environment due to lack Basic facilities:- This paper investigate the waste management problems and the various methods and technical practices used to tackle these problems by federal environmental protection board in Lagos and Abuja which includes the provision of dustbin public toilets adequate provision of wash hand basins, provision of health education for the  residents

Key words: Investigation, waste management practices environmental protection board.

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