West African Journal of Industrial and Academic Research

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Design and Implementation of an E-Office System

TI Akinnubi, C Etus, I Udunwa


An e-office (electronic office) system is an Information Technology system employed to cater for an organisation’s administrative needs, especially in the areas of data processing, information sharing and communication activities. The system uses some forms of telecommunications in the running of an organisation’s general operations. It is a virtually automated system usually intended to capture the use of integrated computer and communications systems to support administrative procedures in an office environment. The interest in this area of study was motivated by the desires to curtail the problems, such as bureaucracies, documentation errors and data losses, etc., that are often experienced in the manual approach or method of conducting organisational businesses. Thus, the research focused on foregrounding the importance of the e-office system over the manual approach, the advocacy campaign for the adoption of the system, the emphasis on the  cost-effectiveness of the system, the ease of implementing the system in organisations, etc. To achieve the intended results and goals, a web-based system and design that embedded the Block diagram, Dataflow and Top-down strategy and methodology of system design was used. With all of these in mind, the research  aimed at lending a support to the activities of organisations by designing a system that makes it possible to run businesses virtually and remotely. Hence, the  software was designed to integrate most of the activities that the target organisation (an educational organisation) undertakes.

Keywords: Bureaucracies, e-Office, administrative needs and procedures, web-based system, educational organisation

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