Evaluation of of μ-controller PIR Intrusion Detector

  • A. A Eludire
  • J. B Elusade
Keywords: Infrared intrusion, microcontroller, security, sensors


Intrusion detection is simply the process of recognizing that an object is located in a place where it should not be at that moment. Two basic types of intrusion detection exist; intrusions detection from outside and from within. Intrusion detection systems are designed to provide security around valuables and premises, traditionally using human observers. This however has been found to be difficult to justify due to cumulative cost and human weaknesses. This work addressed the design and implementation of a device that will replace human surveillance around a particular perimeter. The design is premised on the fact that every object emits some levels of infrared energy which can be detected by a passive infrared module. The movement across the emission region assists in the detection of intrusion. The output signal from the passive infrared module was sampled by the designed microcontroller circuit which in turn is processed according to the programmed code. When there is intrusion, a piezo speaker beeps and also a visual indicator with light emitting diode blinks to indicate intrusion. For security, cost effectiveness and access control to certain areas of homes, offices and industries this system is a better replacement to human surveillance needed around our valuable goods and confidential materials.

Keywords: Infrared intrusion, microcontroller, security, sensors


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print ISSN: 1116-5405