Energy Generation Potential of West African Ocean Current: Peculiarities, Challenges and Perspectives

  • Jasper Ahamefula Agbakwuru
  • Thaddeus Chidiebere Nwaoha
Keywords: Ocean, current, renewable, energy, momentum-diffusion, upland-rivers, velocity, West Africa.


A review of the West African ocean current energy generating potential is carried out. The peculiarity of the West African ocean characteristic is discussed and the challenges noted. Based on this review, it is found that ocean current represents an alternative source of renewable energy in West Africa in a streamed regular supply. The ocean weather condition is mild and offers good benefit to marine operations with respect to renewable energy conversion system installations offshore. In the perspective of the authors, it is believed that engineering and scientific investments are necessary in order to harness the ocean current renewable source in West Africa. Suggested techniques include - Application of momentum diffusion technology to the ocean current flow system; Design of ocean current generating system whose efficiency relies more on volume flow rather than fast running fluid velocities; Investigation into reported increased velocities suspected to be due to hydrodynamic influence of discharging upland rivers into the ocean water systems. A success of such confirmation will lead to the use of conventional generating system in such locations.It is largely hoped that aggressive interests in the subject area will open wide opportunities in the ocean current renewable energy source to supplement the intense energy demand of this part of the continent.

Keywords- Ocean; current; renewable; energy; momentum-diffusion; upland-rivers; velocity; West Africa.


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print ISSN: 1116-5405