Insight into the Utilization of Cloud and Mobile Computing in a service oriented world

  • N.C. Anujeonye
  • O.E. Okonta
  • E.E. Imiere
  • L. Uzomah
  • JohnBosco O.C Okekeokosisi
Keywords: cloud computing, dropbox,


Moving, working and storing have become central aspect of the lives of every citizen in business, education, and leisure. While developments in the mobile arena bring many benefits, the bewildering array of new systems and services can be confusing for end users. Already, the average citizen has difficulties in understanding all these new systems, let alone using them effectively. Not only will this slow down the deployment of new services, it will contribute to the digital divide, making it difficult for certain users to benefit from new developments like cloud storage. In addition, network operators have to deal with the complexity of a multi-access networking environment. The enhancement of existing technologies and development of new 4G systems will increase this complexity even more. To make the most of the opportunities offered by new technologies, future mobile services and devices will need to be much easier to use. The success of future mobile communications systems depends on meeting, or exceeding, the needs, requirements and interests of users and society as a whole and that makes paramount for us understand what they mean and how they function in this weird world

Key words: cloud computing, dropbox,


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print ISSN: 1116-5405