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Knowledge-Based Management System and Dearth of Flexible Framework for Software Development

U.R. Wemembu, O.E Okonta, E.E Imiere, D Ajani, A.A Owolabi


This paper discussed the dearth of definite framework to design knowledge based management system model that can be deployed to design a knowledge structure capable of stipulating general format for software development that will meet the yearnings of the consumers who want products that meet their need and are not too costly. This paper examined the recent evolution of the software engineering industry to show why new approach should be adopted while increasing attention is paid to conceptual modelling. It went further to outline the current state of knowledge modelling techniques and supporting tools. The paper looked at several works carried out in an attempt to create unique model. Most of the designs involved complex and iterative processes based on methodologies and technologies for capture and reuse of knowledge. Most the products proposed to support knowledge development for the last two decade havel falenl short of what they contemplated. The objective of this paper is to find the missing link and make important contributions to knowledge.

Key Words: Knowledge-based management, knowledge modelling, cognitive programming KB-software assistant, knowledge model

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