Planning our smart cities in the internet of things architects, software engineers and the rest of us

  • CI Onyeme
  • OE Okonta
  • EE Imiere
  • MN Nwanze
Keywords: Smrt city, smart living,


This paper presents a cloud centric vision for worldwide implementation of Internet of Things that, gives an indication of what to expect of modern day architects and how they are expected to function in the Internet of Thing world to make building of our much taunted smart cities a feasible reality. The key enabling technologies and application domains that are likely to drive Internet of Things research in the near future were also mentioned. The paper focused on the role of architects in Laying such a robust  foundation along with a set of design-choices, based on the characterization of the targeted system with respect to various  dimensions like distribution, security, real-time, semantics, and so on to make it possible for a system architect to select the
protocols, functional components, architectural options, and all other parameters needed to build these Internet of Things  systems in developing smart cities for a smarter world

Key Words: Smrt city, smart living,


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print ISSN: 1116-5405